Sunday, June 24, 2012


This blog is being created in the spirit of the "/mu/ - Essentials Archive" blog.

I wrestled over what name to use.  /ck/ does not have "essentials" lists, but instead utilizes verticals (series of photographs organized like a comic to illustrate the chronological steps of a recipe), infographics to display information about recipes, ingredients and techniques, and, more rarely, e-books.  More or less essential information with a focus on teaching quickly.  Threads themselves can even be resources for learning -- an example will follow this post.

With that in mind, and the format and familiarity established by the aforementioned blog, I've decided to share the name in its honor.  I hope to make this an invaluable resource for the residents and visitors of /ck/.

Please direct content that you wish to be published to for consideration.


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